Expert Tax Preparation Services for Individuals and Small Businesses: Streamlining Your Annual Returns

Take the first step towards hassle-free tax preparation!

Contact me for expert guidance on your annual income tax return, federal tax returns, and specialized sole proprietorship tax preparation. Benefit from personalized service that simplifies and streamlines your tax process. Reach out today and transform your tax experience into a stress-free journey.


Unwavering Commitment to Client Confidentiality

We provide a service that adheres to strict client privacy rules. Complete assurance of sensitive financial information remains secure and protected.

Flexible and Convenient Communication

Experience the ease of tax preparation with options to meet in person, communicate by phone, email, or through a user-friendly electronic system. Document submission is hassle-free, whether by mail or electronically.

Clarity in Tax Matters

Expect clear, easy-to-understand answers to all tax-related questions. Complex tax issues are explained straightforwardly, empowering clients with knowledge and understanding.

Year-Round Availability for Ongoing Support

Benefit from continuous support throughout the year, not just during tax season. This ongoing availability ensures clients receive timely assistance and guidance whenever needed.


Federal and State Tax Returns for Individuals

Experience the ease of having both federal and state tax returns prepared, including all relevant schedules, credits, and deductions.

  • Preparation of federal and state tax returns

  • Specialization in Maine tax returns, with capability for all U.S. states

  • Inclusion of all schedules, credits, and deductions

  • Additional service for non-Maine state returns

  • Focused expertise for individual tax filers

Tax Preparation for Sole Proprietors and Landlords

Turn your records into a comprehensive tax return catering to sole proprietors, independent contractors, single-member LLCs, and landlords. Ensuring all aspects of your business are accurately reflected in your tax filings.

  • Conversion of various record formats into a complete tax return

  • Specialized service for sole proprietors and independent contractors

  • Tax filing for single-member LLCs and landlords

  • Attention to detail in every aspect of your business records

  • Estimation of necessary payments to avoid underpayment penalties

Income Tax Returns for Small Partnerships and S-Corporations

Efficiently handle income tax returns for small partnerships and S-corporations, transforming any format of records into accurate tax filings.

  • Expert tax preparation for small partnerships and S-corporations

  • Acceptance of diverse record formats

  • Detailed attention to business specifics in tax filings

  • Streamlined process for corporate tax compliance

  • Reliable handling of complex tax scenarios for small businesses

Year-Round Tax Planning
and Consultation

Stay ahead with ongoing tax planning and consultation services throughout the year, not just during the tax season. Be prepared and informed with professional guidance.

  • Availability for tax planning throughout the year

  • Readiness to answer tax-related queries anytime

  • Proactive approach to managing your tax obligations

  • Continuous support for evolving tax scenarios

  • Expert advice to optimize tax outcomes

E-Filing Services with CPA-Level Compliance

E-file returns with the precision and compliance of a CPA, offering both electronic and paper-filing options. As a registered preparer, I sign all returns and adhere to strict privacy rules.

  • E-filing services at par with CPA standards

  • Paper filing is available upon request

  • Signature on all prepared returns ensuring accountability

  • Compliance with strict privacy and ethical rules

  • Hassle-free and compliant tax filing process

Abby Weeks, Tax Preparer specializes in providing income tax return services for sole proprietorships, including tax preparation and filing across Maine, including Bangor, Orono, Hermon, Brewer, and Hampden.